A Sequel: So You Want to Work Smarter?

Last week we highlighted some advice on studying. As a sequel to that post, we’re now going to share articles which can help you  work smarter.

Most experts and productivity writers agree: working smarter begins with what we do with our mornings. Here’s a post that breaks down how just 45 minutes of your morning can set you off in the right direction. If you’re not a morning person by nature, check out this article on how to learn to wake up earlier.

Working smarter also has a lot to do with how you organize your time. Here’s a post about productivity and the Pomodoro technique.

Longer hours do not automatically mean that you will accomplish more. In this post from Study Hacks, Cal Newport breaks things down into a simple equation: Work Accomplished = Time Spent x Intensity. According to this post, tne key to working smarter is learning to focus in a deep way. This advice could be put to use in both the academic and professional spheres.

This article tries to find the line between maximum productivity and total burnout. Clearly, working smart has as much to do with what you think as it does what you do. In this post, the author points out that the key is to recognize that productivity has little to do with the amount of work accomplished.

For good measure, here are six more habits which will be easy to build into your day. We’re also going to point you to an awesome map which shows the different keys to productivity. It’s easy to follow and can help you specify what parts of working smarter you need to learn more about.

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Catelyn Cantrell is a writer with the Omninox Publishing team. She holds a BA in Medieval Studies and Geography from the University of Florida and is now pursuing a master’s degree in English Education at UF while taking steps toward a teaching career.

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