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Synergy, Business and Life

The idea of synergy and its place in school, work, and life There’s the saying: “two heads are better than one.” But, what does that exactly mean? The best definition would be that two people working together produces better results

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The Power of Nature

Plants and mental health It’s pretty well understood that the natural world is important to our immediate physical well being. It provides food for us to eat or air to breath. But further than that, the scientific evidence referenced to

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Review of Celestron Amoeba Microscope!

An honest, unscientific review of a digital microscope There’s probably nothing more fun than playing around with a super cool microscope -especially if there’s nobody telling you what to do or how to do it. With that being said, I

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The Difference between Absolute and Gauge Pressure

Two completely different ideas of pressure are more closely related than you think When you deal with calculating pressures either in class or on the job, there are two types of pressure that are important for you to distinguish between

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Why do Objects Float in Fluids?

Eureka! The reason why objects stay afloat…for the most part Continuing on our road down physics concepts, there is another fluids mechanics concept that is of importance, which is known as buoyancy. Ever wondered why a ball floats on top

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Hydrostatic Pressure- The Pressure of Fluids

Water is heavier than you think You’ve probably noticed it when an object like a ball is at the surface of the pool, that it seems fine. But what if it were to go to the bottom of the pool?

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The Wonders of Soap and Detergent. How do they Work?

The powerful doings of science that help keep things clean! How is it that whenever you place your dirty clothes in the laundry, they come out clean? Or when you wash the dishes, they always come out looking sparkling new?

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