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Doing School Work During Winter Break

Homework and the Holidays Homework, a topic close to students’ hearts, has played an important part in education throughout the United States since the 1900s. So much so, that homework seems commonplace. However, throughout the rest of the world, other

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The Power of Nature

Plants and mental health It’s pretty well understood that the natural world is important to our immediate physical well being. It provides food for us to eat or air to breath. But further than that, the scientific evidence referenced to

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A Sequel: So You Want to Work Smarter?

Last week we highlighted some advice on studying. As a sequel to that post, we’re now going to share articles which can help you  work smarter. Most experts and productivity writers agree: working smarter begins with what we do with our

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Spontaneous Meetings Versus Scheduled Meetings (Part 2: Scheduled Meetings)

Part 2 of this series will go through the pros and cons of scheduled meetings Pros: Scheduled Meetings 1. Scheduled meetings are organized Since the team meeting is scheduled for your entire team, they expected to meet on that day.

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30 Productive Songs for Music Listening While Doing Work or Studying

Mostly classical or energetic instrumentals with a tinge of sentimentality  These songs come from all walks of life, ranging from video games to classical composers to movie soundtracks, and beyond. The choice of soundtracks is based off of a mix

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