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The Place of MOOCs and Online Learning Systems

  Understanding MOOCs and their Place in Education Throughout this year, MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses gained increasing attention with their adoption by big name universities including MIT and Harvard. At which, students can take classes led by renowned

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The Power of Nature

Plants and mental health It’s pretty well understood that the natural world is important to our immediate physical well being. It provides food for us to eat or air to breath. But further than that, the scientific evidence referenced to

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Advantages of Blogging in High School (Part 1)

A few advantages of creating a blog while a high school student. What if I told you that there was an activity you could do in your free time that would not only help you with college admissions, communication skills,

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6 Ways to Become an Awesome AP Student

Credit: Scott Akerman August is now here! This month, students across the country will start gearing up for the new school year. After the recent post on awesome AP teachers, I’ve now decided to tackle another key to having the

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How Technology has Already Changed Education

The Connotation behind being “well-educated” is about to be turned on its head Over the last few years, a plethora of learning resources, many of them free, have been made available to the public at large. Only a decade ago,

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