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Entrepreneurship in the Classroom (Part 2)

Implementing entrepreneurship in your school. This article is a continuation on my previous article discussing entrepreneurship in the classroom. However, this publication relates to implementation of the principles defined in the previous article. So, if you haven’t read Part 1,

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Lifelong Learning Tips for High School!

      Learning can become addictive. Now, if you’re anything similar to the way I was in high school, then you might feel like you never have time after going to school, participating in extracurricular activities and doing homework

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The New Extracurricular: Internships in High School

Not too long ago, an internship was an uncommon and valuable experience for a young job hunter. Under the current conditions, a completed internship (or three) is essential for finding a job after college. News outlets continue to report that

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Drawing the Line on College Application Numbers

We know the admissions game is getting tougher, but where do we draw the line between just enough applications and too many of them? A recent article from the Huffington post recounts one young woman’s college application experience. She applied to

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How to Save Yourself from AP Madness with Deliberate Decisions

Image Source: Even though AP exam season is just starting, students everywhere already have to start thinking about their course schedules for next year. “AP Mania” refers to the feverish study practices of high school students during the month

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How Have AP Courses Changed Over the Years? Part 1

How the AP exams that most students took in the past will never be the same At the start of this decade (the 2010s), the College Board initiated a complete overhaul of the Advanced Placement program. AP tests were the

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Three Ways to Test out of Your First Year of College

It is no secret that the cost of college tuition has been rising faster than housing prices   Source: One of the ways to combat this ridiculous rise in the cost of going to college is to use existing

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SAT Plans to Return to 1600 Point Scale Starting 2016

A long awaited change finally coming to fruition You heard it right. The SAT® is changing their scoring system back to just the 1600 point scale before the writing section was introduced back in 2005 which caused the point scale

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