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Synergy, Business and Life

The idea of synergy and its place in school, work, and life There’s the saying: “two heads are better than one.” But, what does that exactly mean? The best definition would be that two people working together produces better results

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Entrepreneurship in the Classroom (Part 2)

Implementing entrepreneurship in your school. This article is a continuation on my previous article discussing entrepreneurship in the classroom. However, this publication relates to implementation of the principles defined in the previous article. So, if you haven’t read Part 1,

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Entrepreneurship in the Classroom (Part 1)

Some interesting thoughts about entrepreneurship and the classroom Source: Whether people like to admit it or not, entrepreneurship involves everyone. Even professionals not commonly thought of as being business related. For example, an artist is still an entrepreneur due

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The Case for Entrepreneurship

Things to consider before launching a career What does entrepreneurship even mean? If at first glance the word “entrepreneur” sounds French to you, you’d be right. It’s a French word coined by economist Jean-Baptiste Say meaning, “adventurer.” However, my favorite

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Life at the Innovation Hub: The Practical Approach to Entrepreneurial Competition

Now, as much as we like to think that the life of entrepreneurship is an easy task and that everything is spoon fed to you on a daily basis, the truth is that it is not true. Take our company,

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