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Importance of Public Speaking

Why to hone your speaking skills What really causes anxiety while speaking in public? In one second, I can have a full length, no-pressure conversation and feel fine. And the next, I’m “ah” and “um-ing” my way through every sentence;

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AP Exam Fees

calvin's physics exam combusts

image source:   In the spirit of “Back to School Month” I was pondering what many students wonder this time of the year: are the classes I’m taking worth my money? Although this mostly applies to college students, it can

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5 Ways to Know You Have an Awesome AP Teacher

As July ends and August begins, teachers, parents and students alike begin to think about the approaching school year. With school on the brain, it’s time to think about ways to create an engaging educational experience. One ingredient is an awesome

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So You Want to Study Smarter?

Want to learn how to make the most of your time as a student? You’ve stumbled onto the right blog post. If you’re an AP student who feels perpetually busy and short on time, keep on reading. Even if you’re

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Why Students Should Practice an Art

I’m not going to drone on about how the arts feed the soul and make us all better. These things might happen, but that’s not what I’m interested in talking about here. Plus, in our intensely competitive world, every minute

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The Journey is the Reward: A Perspective on AP Scores

At long last, the time has come. This second week of July means students across the country will find out how they fared on some of their biggest exams of the past year. The College Board began releasing AP scores

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Is Project-Based Learning a Good Fit for AP Courses?

With the massive amounts of content required in AP classes, students sometimes opt to memorize facts rather than engage with the material in a significant way. AP students are in advanced courses because many of them are excellent memorizers and excel

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Why is Getting into College Getting Tougher? Part 1

A little insight as to why getting decent grades in high school just won’t be enough This admissions season will go down in history as one of the toughest and competition for slots at Ivy League schools and prestigious liberal

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The Most Helpful Skill that Students Can Learn

Most college students only use around 10% of the information they learn in college. The rest is shaped by professional experience   Image source:  First I want to reiterate what everyone always tells you, that college is very important.

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Getting Ready for OmniPrep™

Celebrating the Accomplishments of The Best Team I Have Ever Worked With  Ask any team member at Omninox and they will tell you that the first two weeks of March 2014 were the two most intense weeks from their entire

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