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Top Organizations You Should Know About Going to College

Top Collegiate Societies and Organizations You should Know About Although a majority of success in college depends on grades, getting involved in other extracurricular activities can give you an advantage. By joining clubs, honor societies and other organizations, students benefit

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Synergy, Business and Life

The idea of synergy and its place in school, work, and life There’s the saying: “two heads are better than one.” But, what does that exactly mean? The best definition would be that two people working together produces better results

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Importance of Public Speaking

Why to hone your speaking skills What really causes anxiety while speaking in public? In one second, I can have a full length, no-pressure conversation and feel fine. And the next, I’m “ah” and “um-ing” my way through every sentence;

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The Case for Entrepreneurship

Things to consider before launching a career What does entrepreneurship even mean? If at first glance the word “entrepreneur” sounds French to you, you’d be right. It’s a French word coined by economist Jean-Baptiste Say meaning, “adventurer.” However, my favorite

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3 Ways to Help you Build your Resume for that Future Job

The do’s and don’ts of resume building, plus a little more Building a resume is sometimes one of the most frustrating tasks that students and even adults have to do. A resume is basically a quick description about your entire

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Elements that You Need When Building a Brand: Part 1

How to make people know and remember your brand Everyone knows the power of a good brand. When you start a business and building a new brand, have you ever asked what can you do to make people remember you?

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