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Compilation of AP Student Resources

Sorting through Advanced Placement study resources Studying for the College Board’s Advanced Placement Tests can be hectic. With millions of tests administered each year, students find themselves in a position of finding great study materials, but with an unlimited number

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5 Ways to Know You Have an Awesome AP Teacher

As July ends and August begins, teachers, parents and students alike begin to think about the approaching school year. With school on the brain, it’s time to think about ways to create an engaging educational experience. One ingredient is an awesome

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How to Save Yourself from AP Madness with Deliberate Decisions

Image Source: Even though AP exam season is just starting, students everywhere already have to start thinking about their course schedules for next year. “AP Mania” refers to the feverish study practices of high school students during the month

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Three Ways to Test out of Your First Year of College

It is no secret that the cost of college tuition has been rising faster than housing prices   Source: One of the ways to combat this ridiculous rise in the cost of going to college is to use existing

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Getting Ready for OmniPrep™

Celebrating the Accomplishments of The Best Team I Have Ever Worked With  Ask any team member at Omninox and they will tell you that the first two weeks of March 2014 were the two most intense weeks from their entire

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