So You Want to Study Smarter?

Credit: Steven S.

Credit: Steven S.

Want to learn how to make the most of your time as a student? You’ve stumbled onto the right blog post. If you’re an AP student who feels perpetually busy and short on time, keep on reading. Even if you’re not a harried student yourself, you could probably pass these ideas on to someone who is. Here are a few articles which can help you learn to study smarter!

Fixed-Schedule Productivity-This awesome advice comes from Cal Newport, a Georgetown professor who runs a popular blog known as Study Hacks. The idea behind this post is that even though he should have felt overwhelmed as a graduate student, he did not. This was because he set a fixed schedule and did everything he could to preserve that schedule. All in all, his commitment afforded him a surprising balance of work and relaxation.

Take a Break from Reading and Test Yourself-A quick article from Lifehacker, a gold mine of tips and tricks for many different parts of life. Here, the writer reports on the so-called “Testing Effect,” which was investigated by a team from Purdue University.

A Brief Guide to Learning Faster (and Better)-Here’s a post from Scott Young, a writer who prides himself on hardly studying for his exams back in college. No, he’s not showing off some sort of genius intellect, he’s just thought a lot about how to learn well. Another post of his, How to Become a Holistic Learner might give you some more actionable ways to become smarter when it comes to academic obligations. Fair Warning: this article is pretty long, you might want to read it in small chunks in order to get the most out of it!

The Pareto Principle-In this post, the writer applies the Pareto Principle, a business idea, to exam preparation. The idea behind the Pareto Principle is that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. It’s an interesting take on how much time we invest in studying. This is not the only post which links the Pareto Principle with academics, however. For example, here’s another article which also touches on Pareto and studying. Also, check out this post on 20 ways to apply the rule to many aspects of your life.

These are just a few ideas for maximizing your precious study time. Do you have any smart studying ideas of your own? Post them in the comments or tweet them to @omniguides. Check next week for a companion post which will take a look at how to make the most of your work hours!

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