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Compilation of AP Student Resources

Sorting through Advanced Placement study resources Studying for the College Board’s Advanced Placement Tests can be hectic. With millions of tests administered each year, students find themselves in a position of finding great study materials, but with an unlimited number

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Doing School Work During Winter Break

Homework and the Holidays Homework, a topic close to students’ hearts, has played an important part in education throughout the United States since the 1900s. So much so, that homework seems commonplace. However, throughout the rest of the world, other

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The Place of MOOCs and Online Learning Systems

  Understanding MOOCs and their Place in Education Throughout this year, MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses gained increasing attention with their adoption by big name universities including MIT and Harvard. At which, students can take classes led by renowned

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Lifelong Learning Tips for High School!

      Learning can become addictive. Now, if you’re anything similar to the way I was in high school, then you might feel like you never have time after going to school, participating in extracurricular activities and doing homework

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AP Exam Fees

calvin's physics exam combusts

image source:   In the spirit of “Back to School Month” I was pondering what many students wonder this time of the year: are the classes I’m taking worth my money? Although this mostly applies to college students, it can

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6 Ways to Become an Awesome AP Student

Credit: Scott Akerman August is now here! This month, students across the country will start gearing up for the new school year. After the recent post on awesome AP teachers, I’ve now decided to tackle another key to having the

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So You Want to Study Smarter?

Want to learn how to make the most of your time as a student? You’ve stumbled onto the right blog post. If you’re an AP student who feels perpetually busy and short on time, keep on reading. Even if you’re

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The Journey is the Reward: A Perspective on AP Scores

At long last, the time has come. This second week of July means students across the country will find out how they fared on some of their biggest exams of the past year. The College Board began releasing AP scores

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How to Save Yourself from AP Madness with Deliberate Decisions

Image Source: Even though AP exam season is just starting, students everywhere already have to start thinking about their course schedules for next year. “AP Mania” refers to the feverish study practices of high school students during the month

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30 Productive Songs for Music Listening While Doing Work or Studying

Mostly classical or energetic instrumentals with a tinge of sentimentality  These songs come from all walks of life, ranging from video games to classical composers to movie soundtracks, and beyond. The choice of soundtracks is based off of a mix

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