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Top Organizations You Should Know About Going to College

Top Collegiate Societies and Organizations You should Know About Although a majority of success in college depends on grades, getting involved in other extracurricular activities can give you an advantage. By joining clubs, honor societies and other organizations, students benefit

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Synergy, Business and Life

The idea of synergy and its place in school, work, and life There’s the saying: “two heads are better than one.” But, what does that exactly mean? The best definition would be that two people working together produces better results

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Importance of Public Speaking

Why to hone your speaking skills What really causes anxiety while speaking in public? In one second, I can have a full length, no-pressure conversation and feel fine. And the next, I’m “ah” and “um-ing” my way through every sentence;

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Advantages of Blogging in High School (Part 2)

A few extra thoughts on the advantages of blogging in high school In the previous article, we discussed four advantages of practicing blogging. Within this article, we’ll continue that topic by going into depth on how blogging might make you

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The Case for Entrepreneurship

Things to consider before launching a career What does entrepreneurship even mean? If at first glance the word “entrepreneur” sounds French to you, you’d be right. It’s a French word coined by economist Jean-Baptiste Say meaning, “adventurer.” However, my favorite

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Lifelong Learning Tips for High School!

      Learning can become addictive. Now, if you’re anything similar to the way I was in high school, then you might feel like you never have time after going to school, participating in extracurricular activities and doing homework

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20 Ways to be Cool in the 21st Century

20 Ways to be a Cool in the 21st Century image source: No, this is not a description of me. There are many things from this list I wish I had/did. Admittedly, some of these things may seem to

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A Sequel: So You Want to Work Smarter?

Last week we highlighted some advice on studying. As a sequel to that post, we’re now going to share articles which can help you  work smarter. Most experts and productivity writers agree: working smarter begins with what we do with our

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The New Extracurricular: Internships in High School

Not too long ago, an internship was an uncommon and valuable experience for a young job hunter. Under the current conditions, a completed internship (or three) is essential for finding a job after college. News outlets continue to report that

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The Biggest Mistake Young Professionals Make when Job Searching

This often-overlooked aspect can make the difference between job stress and job passion This post is intended to be for the young millennials. Many of my friends are at the age when they are either about to graduate or have

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