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Back to School Tips 2014 Part 1

Some thoughts on how to transform the back to school dread to a positive optimistic opportunity Credit: Paul Greely Summer 2014 is coming to an end, so it’s time to pack up those swimming trunks and goggles and time to

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More about Physics: Thermal Diffusivity

We just covered in the previous blog post what thermal conductivity and heat capacity were. Well, now it’s important to consider how those two thermal parameters are connected to each other. They are connected through a term called thermal diffusivity.

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Important Thermal Properties in Physics

Source: Two of the most important thermal properties in physics are thermal conductivity and heat capacity. It is the reason why objects are cold on one end and eventually heat up to a certain temperature after a certain time. Notice

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The Basic Science Behind Toilets

The reasons why we are not living like we’re back in the stone ages…is due to some simple science Not going to lie, but sometimes the best way to get over writers block is just to drop a deuce in

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The Concept of Bring your Own Technology

Something that used to be hated years prior, is now becoming….accepted? Rewind 10 years ago, and if you brought a laptop let alone a cell phone into class, your teacher would instantly shun you for using it. That’s because the

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The Science Behind a Balloon and your Hair

Two completely opposite objects that can actually cause an attraction? You must have done this at some point in your life, where you take a balloon and rub it all over your hair, and then as a result, as you

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SAT Plans to Return to 1600 Point Scale Starting 2016

A long awaited change finally coming to fruition You heard it right. The SAT® is changing their scoring system back to just the 1600 point scale before the writing section was introduced back in 2005 which caused the point scale

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The Difference between Absolute and Gauge Pressure

Two completely different ideas of pressure are more closely related than you think When you deal with calculating pressures either in class or on the job, there are two types of pressure that are important for you to distinguish between

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How Does Fluid Momentum Work?

Water can be your best friend or your worst enemy Image Source: Even been in a shower where the showerhead water pressure is so high that it feels like you’re being struck by needles all over your body? Or

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What is an Electric Force?

An electrifying description regarding forces We’ve discussed before what a force was and even gave examples of some on one of my previous posts. Some included gravitational force, centripetal force, and even buoyancy force due to a fluid. But there

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