The Omninox Team

YatitYatit Thakker
Co-Founder, Nitpicker 

Yatit is currently a senior at the University of Florida studying Environmental Engineering. His plans after graduating is to pursue entrepreneurial ventures and build his name in the business industry. His goal is to help create organizations that provide value to the public and create a sustainable future. Being a founder at Omninox, he chooses to wear many hats, including writer, editor, codesman, designer, and as the description indicates…a nitpicker.




DrewLaurence Vincent
Co-Founder, Handyman

“Drew,” graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Environmental Engineering and pursued entrepreneurship with the co-founding of Omninox Publishing. His main focus in the company is in product development and improvement as well as being the onsite troubleshooter for any operational issues.  His future goals are to develop improvements to water and energy infrastructure, thus leading to better utilization of limited resources. His hobbies include hiking, biking and the occasional VBA coding.




Jake picJake Yap
Co-Founder, Humor Facilitator

Jake is currently a senior at the University of Florida studying Environmental Engineering. He plans to continue with Omninox Publishing after graduation and to continue along the path of entrepreneurship with hopes in creating more businesses in the future. In the company, he works on marketing strategy and implementation,  website design and product development. His hobbies include shoe collecting, video editing, cracking jokes to foster good company morale, and spending copious amounts of time on managing the company’s social media platforms.




JessieJessie Richards
Graphics Designer

Jessie is originally from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and is currently  a senior at the University of Florida majoring in Advertising and minoring in Studio Arts. At Omninox, she is the lead graphics designer, using various illustrator programs to create beautiful images for our guides. She hopes to be involved in urban planning in the future and wants to make a positive impact in the world and way we live. She loves her dog, Arrested Development, art, drawing, making ceramics, and cooking.




Former team members : 

BernieBernie Guerra
Public Relations and Marketing

Bernie hails from the city of Miami, FL and graduated from the University of Florida with a BS degree in Advertising and minor in Communication Studies (Go Gators!). She is currently a marketing intern at Omninox Publishing with a focus in market research, social media, and data analysis. Her future plan is to attend law school so that she can pursue a life in practicing entertainment law. For funsies, Ms. Guerra likes going to the beach, watching basketball, eating, cooking, then eating what she cooked, so fancy!




HaokunHaokun Wang
Public Relations and Marketing

Haokun is currently studying at the University of Florida pursuing a master’s degree in Public Relations. Her role at Omninox is specializing in marketing and public relations as she works in creating and implementing strategies, conducting market research, and data analysis. She is the type of person who cannot sit around and do nothing. She has to be out and about, interacting with people, which is why her future goals include working in public relations and pursuing her dreams of becoming a well known event planner.





JasonJason Durstine
Product Development-Writer

Jason is currently majoring in both Physics and Mathematics at the University of Florida and is part of the awesome writing team at Omninox Publishing. Jason has many goals and dreams he wants to pursue, but his plan is to do research on the fundamental properties of reality and in combinatorics. Jason loves coming into work everyday looking like a rockstar where he tells us about his hobbies which include biking, programming, writing poetry and baking cookies.





AbigailAbigail Kaufman
Product Development-Writer

Abigail is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Florida and is part of the writing team at Omninox Publishing. Although she currently has her sights set on industry, she is open to the possibility of starting her own digital education venture in the future. Her hobbies include playing Rock band, and finding good investment opportunities.