About Us

Who is Omninox?

Our vision is to create simple and engaging products for students, teachers, and the classroom. The face of education is evolving as society continues to grow and innovative technologies continue to be created. The dilemma lies in integrating the new technology in order to utilize it for a new way of learning. At Omninox Publishing, we strive to meet that challenge and provide an answer. 

A Little More Background as to What we Exactly Do

Omninox was founded in 2012 by three engineering students who saw a space in the educational market for interactive and engaging materials. We wanted to revolutionize the learning experience and create materials we would enjoy learning from. We began creating OmniGuides – interactive, digital study guides – and soon applied our engaging book style to create OmniPrep, focusing on AP preparation. The guides were designed to engage with students through high-resolution images, various example problems, and built-in quizzes. Each of our guides are equivalent to a semester’s worth of class and is packed into less than 300 pages, so you receive all the necessary material without all the fluff.  

Learn smarter, not harder is the saying we firmly believe in, so let our guides help in the understanding of a difficult subject. 

These interactive books are currently only offered through the iBookstore for use on the iPad®. We are also in the midst of creating an online AP practice tool for all platforms! To find out more about our company and other products, check out our main company website.